4x4 in Russia - unfinished

UAZ-452 (2206)

This pristine truck belongs to 
our friends living in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

For information about UAZ 4x4s visit the
UAZ homepage

Top picture - UAZ-452. Does it look familiar? How about FC-150 or FC-170? Just to remind you the shape - see a scan from an old Jeep advertisement at the right. These Russian-made 4x4s have the same layout as their more jeep-like siblings - UAZ-469 / 3151(2) - 
  • Engine - 2.45 liter OHV I4, 90 hp
  • 5 seats + 2 flip seats in the back
  • solid axles front and rear
  • part-time 4WD with low range
  • some models have wheel reduction units
  • tires - 8-15, or in metric equivalent - 205/88-15, or in flotation rating - 29x8/15
  • top speed - some racers get it up to 110 km/h, but I wouldn't go over 90 km/h at least to keep some hearing...
  • now comes with standard hard top!
Check the Forward Control Jeep homepage

Now, and interesting thing from Ukraine - a LuAZ-969M. Originally developed as a super-light scout car for military (967 model), based on ZAZ-968 engine and mechanicals (see my automotive page).
  • Engine - 1197 cc air-cooled V4, 40 hp
  • 4 seats - top four adults with a dozen canvas bags of potatoes and you get a rough idea of comfort
  • four-wheel independent suspension
  • part-time 4WD with low range
  • all have wheel reduction units!
  • tires - 6.15-13, in metric equivalent - 155/88-13, in flotation rating - 24x5.5/13
  • Top speed - we don't need no stinkin' top speed
  • hard or canvas top
My personal impression - incredible mud performance! Somehow like a Samurai - it will just float on the top.

Niva VAZ 2121
This beauty belongs to 
Alexander Zilberberg, our 
longtime friend and participant 
in odd quests.
For more photos of his rig,
click here
Here's the (formerly) luxury item - a capable (although small) full-time 4x4, with conveniences like a working heater, decent seats, and little chance to retain some hearing.
Enter Niva - VAZ 2121.
  • Engine - 1598 cc (now there's a cool EFI 1.7 liter option)
  • 5 seats - yeah right
  • solid axle rear / IFS
  • full time 4WD with low range
  • tires - 6.00-16 sort of mud-terrains
  • top speed - 120km/h maybe, but that's pushing it
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